The project will be carried out in different phases. In a first phase, the first HGBcell using biostimulation will be installed and operated in an area with CAH concentrations which will allow the use of biostimulation.  Next, the results of the first HGBcell will be used to calibrate the existing groundwater model. The calibrated groundwater model will then be used to adjust (if necessary) the dimension of the HGBcell and to determine locations for the other HGBcells. Consequently, HGBcells using biostimulation will be installed in deeper groundwater layers and in other areas with comparable CAH concentrations.


Together with the upscaling of the first HGBcell, the growth of the dechlorinating bacterial culture will be scaled up. This will be followed by the installation and operation of an HGBcell using bioaugmentation in an area where higher CAH concentrations are present.

Parallel with the third phase, we will also start with the development of an anaerobic bioreactor for the growth of the bacterial population on a large scale on-site.

Monitoring of demonstration and dissemination of knowledge will be carried out during the entire project.

The different actions can be defined as follows:

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